17th International Conference of Iranian Operations Research Society- Introduction

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The term "Operations Research" linguistically refers to the mathematical and scientific analysis of a process or operation for decision-making, as interpreted in many dictionaries.
The field, developed during World War II, primarily aimed at improving decision-making in areas such as support and educational scheduling.
In summary,
Operations Research (OR) is a discipline that utilizes developed analytical methods to assist in better decision-making. OR, through methods like mathematical modeling for analyzing complex conditions, provides executive managers with the ability to make more informed decisions and establish efficient and effective systems in the following areas:

- Handling complex datasets,
- Considering all constraints and existing conditions,
- Accurately predicting results and assessing risks,
- Employing advanced decision-making methods and tools.
The Iranian Operations Research Society holds an annual conference to achieve the scientific goals of Operations Research, which is considered a comprehensive and effective science in solving problems and challenges in industry and society from a quantitative perspective. With the dedicated efforts of the Iranian Operations Research Society members and the collaboration of universities and higher education institutions in the country, this conference is organized. The first International Conference on Operations Research in Iran was held in Kish Island in Bahman 1386 (February 2008) by Kish University, and since then, 16 successful editions of this conference have taken place.
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